St. Matthew Time & Talent - November 2023

St. Matthew Time & Talent - November 2023

What spiritual gifts has God given you?

Perhaps he has gifted you with the ability to sing or play an instrument, to teach or lead others, to do outreach, to support campus maintenance, to coordinate or manage projects, or to work with technology and social media.

Your gifts, skills, and experience are needed to help St. Matthew meet the Boundless Need of others, share the Boundless Love of Jesus Christ, and give others the Boundless Hope of life everlasting.

Consider how you will use your spiritual gifts to continue the mission and ministry of St. Matthew!

Please fill out no later than November 30, 2023. If you have any questions please contact the church office at 847-438-7709.

The first section of this form will help us maintain proper records for you and your family. We ask that you please provide your contact information to ensure that our records are correct. If there are any changes to your records please provide this information so we can update our records.